Ceci n'est pas un tatouage

[Photos of me]


I am a heavily tattooed academic art historian, working at the School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. My work is primarily concerned with the history of Western tattooing, and the artistic status of body art and body modification practices, including tattooing, body piercing and cosmetic surgery.

I write regularly for Total Tattoo, give public lectures on tattoo history and related topics, work as a freelance writer and broadcaster for both radio and television, and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Essex. I have previously worked as a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Reading and Birmingham

Beyond tattooing, my research interests include lowbrow, outsider, kitsch and erotic art & visual culture; internet and digital art; and the art, music, culture and philosophy of inter-war Paris.

I am currently writing a book called 'Tattoo: An Art History' for IB Tauris, due for publication in 2014.

This is my photoblog. It is, on occasion, Not Safe for Work, given my propensity to post some erotic and pornographic imagery and art.

For more about me and my academic work, see http://essex.academia.edu/MattLodder.

Send me messages and questions. I can also be reached by email via matt@mattlodder.com.

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